Davis watches are the reflection of a brand that has been in constant evolution for over 25 years, with a very active team of designers and creators working closely together to combine colors, materials and technologies, often with a touch of avant-gardism, to give the brand its own identity.

The Creation

Everything always starts with a small spark and then turns into a real project. Freehand sketches, then 2D assemblies then give birth to a dial, a case, hands, a bracelet. Prototypes are then made to bring the project to life. One of the most important parts in the design is devoted to the choice of the movement that will become the heart of the watch. Davis has worked closely with Citizen and Seiko, two of the world's leading movement manufacturers in the watch industry, since its inception, and this cooperation is a real added value that brings quality, precision and long lasting reliability to Davis watches.

The Collections

Every 6 months, inspired by current trends, one to five new watch models take their place in the collection to offer a range of different styles in order to satisfy all the desires of a clientele looking for both quality and aesthetics.

Davis is a brand with unquestionable know-how in terms of creation, this particularity is a real key element in its commercial success.