Manual Winding Skeleton Watch

What do you mean ? In a few words

For more than fifteen years, Davis has been offering a collection of "Skeleton" watches.Appreciated or not, it leaves no one indifferent. Skeleton watches are on the rise, popular with new watch enthusiasts.

What is a skeleton watch? Quite simply the fact that all or some of the moving parts and cogs are visible either from the front or the back of the watch, or through a cutout in the dial.

Backcase of Davis Skeleton watch 0899

How does a mechanical watch work ? A mechanical watch does not work with the energy of a battery or with the movement of the wrist; it is the winding stem (usually at 3 o'clock to adjust the time) which, when turned several times, weapon a spring that stores energy and gradually transmits it and rotates the movement.

This type of movement needs to be wound every day or every 24 to 36 hours. Don’t worry about battery changes anymore.

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